Performer: Piotr Semyonic, in seduction written by Anton Chekhov in 2002.

Performer: Father Jack in Jack or the Submission written by Eugeno Ionescu in 2003.

Performer: Comminius in The Horse written by Gyula Hay in 2003.

  • Dance: Regional Dance Contest 2. place winner performing Zeybek, you can find nice pictures of on photos part.
  • Jury Member: Bitek-O Nationwide Software and Project contest among Middle and High Schools
  • Learning: Spanish, if you want to help mail me someting Spanish
  • Learning: French, loved paris and France. if you want to do me a favor, teach something French :)
  • Seminar: Compiere ERP & CRM Business Solution Seminar on Linux Users Association 2004 Fest.
  • Seminar: Turquaz Financial Accounting Seminar on Linux Users Association 2004 Fest.
  • Instructor: Instructor for Linux Network Management couse on Deytek .
  • Certificate: Successfully graduated from Entrepreneurship Training Program in Sabanci University
  • ...


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