Open Source Projects

Graymound JEE Framework : Mainly contributed by Oguz Keskin, Graymound is a JEE Design pattern with XML front end and AJAX, Swing support. More information is on web page

Turquaz Financial Accounting: Free operating system needs free finance applications to be used on Enterprises. Turquaz, on the press, is a complete double entry finance solution targeting small and medium size enterprizes with Inventory and Customer Management, accounts recievable, accounts payable, general ledger, journal, multi currency, advanced report and analysis.
It is written in Java using SWT and Eclipse and currently developed on Sourceforge web site. We are still the maintainers of the project.

Kilavuz Spell Checker:
Kilavuz (guide in Turkish) is a DFA based spell checker implementing Error Tolerant Finite State Recognition algorithm * . It is developed on web site and prepared to embed into official release of Open Office. Currently Emrah Parlakay is the maintainer of the project.

B2B Enterprise Server: This is the graduation project, enables the transfer of document among various protocols. It currently supports FTP, SMTP and HTTP and local files. The document file types are flat file, XML, EXCEL, EDIFACT, CSV, X12 and HL7. The project has a nice gui for file mapping. Developers plan to transfer the project to sourceforge site. Permenantly you can visit at

Others: Besides these projects, during the past years contributed to some of the open source projects like MRBS room reservation program, Phorum , and written some scripts like Meeting Schedular for Engineering Faculty or wap gateway for the University.

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